SEARCH’s House of Tiny Treasures

SEARCH Homeless Services pursues a mission of providing hope, creating opportunity and transforming lives of homeless men women and children. SEARCH grew out of an ecumenical group of churches and synagogues who believed that homeless people need more than a bed and a meal; they need a future. SEARCH pursues its mission through an array of services designed to help people get off of the streets and into jobs and safe, affordable housing. Its supporting services include mobile outreach that finds people living on the streets and connects them to needed help, a day shelter with showers, meals, laundry, mail, telephone services, and medical and dental clinics, adult education, job training and employment assistance, housing, and early childhood development through its SEARCH’s House of Tiny Treasures.

In 1992, SEARCH created the SEARCH’s House of Tiny Treasures (HTT), Houston’s first nationally accredited early childhood development center dedicated to serving homeless children and families. HTT’s mission is to provide comprehensive early care, education and therapeutic services that will assist homeless children and families build stable, functional lives. To be eligible for this program, families with pre-school age children must be homeless and the parents must be actively working on improving their education, job skills, or employment.

Over $40,000 in renovations were made to the two houses on the site. Generous vendors and suppliers made this project possible, with their donations of labor and materials, along with cash donations from the Remodelers Council and HomeAid Houston. Work on the houses included:

The Pre-School House:

  • Raise and level the entire house and replace approximately half of the foundation material (joist etc.)
  • Repaired the sheetrock and textured after raising the house.
  • Installed Icynene Insulation on the roof deck.
  • Installed foam insulation in all exterior walls and 1 interior wall.
  • Approximately 200 sq. ft. of flooring had been replaced at some point in the past with 3/4 plywood and vinyl. That was pulled up and replaced with white oak flooring to match the original hardwood flooring.Then the entire house was sanded and a water based poly was put down. Installed new vinyl in the bathrooms and a room they call the “treatment room”
  • Painted the complete interior.
  • Demolished an old porch and built the new handicapped ramp built with TREX deck boards, porch and porch roof.
  • Built new handrails and steps on three porches and steps.
  • Installed lattice underpinning at the open crawl space between the house and ground.
  • Replaced broken windows
  • Adjusted sticking doors
  • Repaired hardware
  • Installed new wallpaper
  • Replaced rotten fascia
  • Relocated landscaping

The Baby House

  • Reconfigure a diaper change area to meet accreditation standards
  • New cabinetry for the diaper changing table featured pullout steps and an Okite countertop with a 7” lip to prevent children from possibly rolling off during changing.

Remodeler Captain Mike Wilburn, Mike Wilburn Homes

In partnership with the GHBA Remodelers Council - Dennis Haws, All Star Construction and Rob Hellyer, Premier Remodeling, Charity Projects Co Chairs