Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos 2016 with David Weekley Homes

Over 50 David Weekley Homes' Houston Division Team Members volunteered to renovate Casa de Esperanza de los Nino's "Rocket Center", originally built by David Weekley Homes 20 years ago.  The project will add more functionality to the building and provide a warm and welcoming space for families visiting their children.   

The work included dividing the living area into two parent visitation rooms, installing audio and video cameras at the entry and in the visitation room, the addition of a parent's closet and storage space for supplies, repairing / replacing the attic access stair, reconfiguring the master bath area for storage and converting the master bedroom closet into a central filing area.  HomeAid provided new GE appliances in the kitchen.  The efforts of the DWH team will allow this deserving organization to expand their services to the children and families they serve.