HomeAid Community Outreach Partners with Hewlett Packard for Charity
August 8, 2017

Hewlett Packard, Inc. (HP), recently joined HomeAid Houston's outreach program "Essentials Baskets", with their own canned food drive during a 4-day period.  HomeAid has partnered with the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County to provide  "Welcome Home" and "Plentiful Pantry" baskets to families and individuals housed through The Way Home program and is inviting other organizations such as HP to participate. 

The Way Home is a collaborative model to prevent and end homelessness in Houston, Pasadena, Conroe and Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties.  The program comprises more than 100 partners from all areas of the community, and is committed to making data-driven decisions to enact long-term, sustainable solutions for solving homelessness.

HP put out a "call to action" to employees throughout the campus to collect canned food. The departments were split into 5-8 employee teams and given the task to create "sculptures" using their cans that represented HP, Summer and Community.  The groups collected 500 canned goods which reached their original goal.  At the unveiling of the "sculptures", over 200 HP employees were on hand to mingle with HomeAid and the Coalition for the Homeless and to hear about the agencies' missions.

The canned food was presented to Harmony House, a homeless service agency.  The cans filled 50 12 x 12 boxes and is valued at approximately $860.

“It was a privilege to partner with HomeAid Houston," said Bonita Parikh, MG business manager and customer support Americas. "HP Houston had a fantastic opportunity to work with a great organization in order to give back to our community.  We know each can will be a welcome essential to those less fortunate.  We’re looking forward to future events with HomeAid.”

Homeless individuals have often been homeless for weeks or months before accessing services available to them through homeless service providers.  Many have been evicted and left their household goods and belongings behind with no means to store them for future use.  Since 2011, The partners of The Way Home have worked together to reduce overall homelessness by more than 57%.  Houston is leading the nation in solving homelessness and is also a national model for other communities. 


"HomeAid is honored to partner with Hewlett Packard and their incredible employees on our Way Home Program," said Bette Moser, executive director of HomeAid Houston.  "Their teams' enthusiasm and generous hearts were evident from the moment we collaborated on the project.  We cannot thank them enough for their time and effort."

HomeAid Houston is a 501 c 3 charity of the Greater Houston Builders Association that builds transformational housing for the homeless.  HomeAid was started in 2003, and the first shelter was dedicated in 2005.  Since then, 42 projects have been completed, adding over 437 beds and 12.6 million dollars in real estate construction and improvements to Houston’s homeless community.  Annually, HomeAid's projects serve over 5000 homeless men, women, children and veterans in Houston.