November 14, 2017

Eight boys from families in crisis are anticipating the move into their new 8100 sq. ft. cottage that is being built by partners, Lennar/Village Builders and HomeAid Houston.  HomeAid is a 501 c 3 charity of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), and builds transformational housing for the homeless.

The cottage will provide each boy with their own room for the first time and a warm, safe and nurturing environment.  The boys will also be joined by their teaching parents as they work together to build stability and plans for a bright future.

This cottage is part of the Boys and Girls Country campus location in Hockley, Texas.  The new facility has been named the Hamill Cottage with funding for its construction provided to Boys and Girls Country by the Hamill Foundation.  

Drywall is currently being installed, giving the Boys and Girls Country family a look at what will soon be a real home.  As the Builder Captain of the project, Lennar/Village Builders is being led by Marco Cordon, director of construction.  They have been recruiting vendors and trades to donate materials and labor to assist in the construction.

 The Lennar/Village Builders team has been fortunate enough to get to know the wonderful boys who will be living in this cottage," said Cindy Hinson, director of community affairs for Lennar/Village Builders.  "These boys have displayed a strong work ethic, positive attitude and gratitude that have had a lasting impact on all of us."     

Boys and Girls Country was established in 1971.  Their mission is to change the lives of children from families in crisis by loving and nurturing them in a Christian home environment, raising them to become self-sustaining and contributing adults. Children are from the greater Houston area, which includes 13 counties.

Located 35 miles northwest of Houston, Boys and Girls Country has capacity to serve 48 boys and 40 girls, ages 5-18, for a total of 88 children at any one time.

HomeAid was started in 2003, and the first shelter was dedicated in 2005.  Since then, 45 projects have been completed, adding over 437 beds and 12.6 million dollars in real estate construction and improvements to Houston’s homeless community.  Annually, HomeAid's projects serve over 5000 homeless men, women, children and veterans in Houston.