October 28, 2019

The weeks are counting down to the beginning of construction on a 5200 sq. ft. Day Center for Family Promise of Lake Houston (FPLH) that will serve families in crisis.  HomeAid Houston and Builder Captain First America Homes, a Division of The Signorelli Company are finalizing the details that will launch the center's groundbreaking.

Family Promise of Lake Houston (FPLH), a 501 c 3 charity in Humble offers a caring and positive environment for children and their families who are reeling from a variety of crisis situations including fire, flood, the death of a spouse, loss of a job, and eviction, or a foreclosure of a home.

The Day Center, called Promise House will offer counseling and admin offices, locker rooms, bath facilities, a family room, kitchen, a child's playroom and a dining room and library.  "The upcoming groundbreaking will be a pivotal event for some very deserving families," said Carole Brady, executive director of  HomeAid.  "With Promise House, these families will get the help they need to assess their lives and plan and begin their journey to recovery.  We are excited to partner with First America Homes to get the construction underway."

Funders  to the project include The William Stamps Farish Fund, Albemarle Foundation, Ascentium Capital and Avis Charitable Foundation.  FPLH is also receiving funding from the PetSmart Charitable Foundation, who will pay for a "pet condo" on the property, allowing families to keep their pets as they work to improve their situation.  The grant is part of a national agreement with the Family Promise organization.

“Many of the first steps of a huge endeavor like this are behind the scenes," said Jessica Penney, executive director of FPLH.  "But we are right on the edge of this project becoming very active and exciting!  We cannot wait to break ground with Signorelli and HomeAid and see all of the prep and planning that will come to life!”

Clearing of the land began in the spring and is now completed.  The addition of utilities and the construction of the retention pond, driveway, parking and the PetSmart Condo are underway.

HomeAid has been building transformational housing for homeless care agencies throughout Houston and surrounding counties since 2003.  The first shelter was dedicated in 2005.  Since then, 54 projects have been completed, adding over 441 beds and $14.2 million in real estate construction and improvements to Houston’s homeless community.  For more information about HomeAid Houston visit www.homeaidhouston.org or call 281-970-8970.