Five Apartments are Remodeled for HomeAid's Project Independence
September 3, 2010

Currently, the Houston metropolitan area does not have a shelter or facility specifically targeting female veterans, but as the Houston metropolitan area is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation, female veterans are undoubtedly in need of permanent housing that caters to their unique needs.  

Project Independence, a HomeAid Care project is giving back to 23 women who selflessly gave to our country by serving overseas in the military.  These women have returned to Houston in need of shelter and a hand up in transiting back into society.  The team working Project Independence is renovating and restoring five apartments and two common area bathrooms for Santa Maria's Spring Branch location.  These apartments will welcome these 23 homeless female veterans October 1, and will be used to assist Santa Maria in their efforts to support and serve future homeless female Veterans. 

The mission of Santa Maria is to empower women and their children to become alcohol and drug free and is committed to providing services for community improvement and enrichment.  It is the largest multi-site substance abuse treatment center serving both women and their children in the State of Texas.  Over the past five years, Santa Maria has treated over 5,000 women.

 HomeAid is partnering with the Greater Houston Builders Association’s Remodelers Council on this project.  The Council is providing remodelers and associates who will work in teams to demolish and completely refurbish the apartment bathrooms.

In addition, designers will work with each team to “beautify” the apartments, providing fresh paint, new linens, storage solutions and special touches.  Each designer is registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the public is encouraged to access the Project Independence registry, either at the store or on line. The registry can be accessed under HomeAid Houston, with the first name: Homeaid and last name: Houston or through