Maximizing Each Dollar

What truly differentiates HomeAid from other non-profit organizations, especially in the building industry, is its model for affiliating with local home building associations to create HomeAid chapters that act as a focal point for building housing.

The diagram below depicts how HomeAid works.  HomeAid America creates and supports the local chapter who reaches out to local service providers helping the homeless, offering to build or renovate new facilites for them.  The chapter then solicits builders and trade partners to undertake the building of the housing, turning the finished projects over to the service providers.  Community leaders and government officals are also recruited to lend their input and support into the process.

The key to HomeAid’s success is leveraging in-kind donations of building materials and the labor of professional builders well beyond the cash donations that we receive.

Through our industry contacts and the contributions of in-kind donations from building partners, HomeAid multiplies the effect of every cash dollar received two- fold.
In terms of return on investment (ROI) and increasing the retail value of our finished housing projects, the HomeAid model remains unparalleled in the non-profit world.

For more information on how HomeAid Houston works to help the homeless, refer to the following links: