Agency Questionnaire

Dear Care Provider,

HomeAid Houston is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, affiliated with the Greater Houston Builders Association. Our mission (the "HomeAid Mission") is to build and renovate shelters for homeless men, women and children in Harris and the surrounding counties.  We do this by either adding to the number of shelter beds currently available in our area or preserving beds that are at risk of being lost.

To accomplish this, HomeAid Houston identifies effective nonprofit operators of homeless shelters in the Greater Houston area ("Care Providers") and works with them to renovate their existing facilities or to build new structures in a manner that will either add more or preserve existing shelter beds.

To qualify for assistance as a HomeAid Houston project, a Care Provider has a program based in the Greater Houston area and has:

  1. A mission to assist the homeless – those who can and want to be rehabilitated, but need assistance 
  2. Strong community and political support;
  3. A good track record (minimum five years) of enabling clients to attain a stable lifestyle and obtain long- term independent housing;
  4. Operational funding in place to support client programs;
  5. Capital funds available or the capability to raise the necessary funding to ensure completion of the project.

These are minimum requirements, and there are a number of steps necessary in order to qualify for assistance. However, if you believe your shelter could meet the above qualifications for assistance, please take a moment to complete the Qualifying Questionnaire and return it to the HomeAid Houston office at your earliest convenience.

HomeAid Houston and the Greater Houston Builders Association are dedicated to being part of the solution to homelessness in the Houston area. If you have any questions regarding the above parameters or need additional information, please call the HomeAid Houston office at 281.664.1436.

Bette Moser
Executive Director and CEO