Building hope and homes for Houston's homeless families, children and veterans.

Homelessness is not a choice. It's not an identity. It is not a failure to work. It is a circumstance... and it is ongoing, affecting many different types of people in our community.  

HomeAid Houston, a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization sponsored by the Greater Houston Builders Association, identifies long term, stable homeless care providers who need additional capacity and pairs them with GHBA builders, remodelers, vendors and suppliers who donate their time, materials and labor to help build hope and homes for the homeless.  

Visit the web page of HomeAid Houston's largest donor, the Benefit Homes Project, a Greater Houston Builders Association charity to learn more about its history and impact on the community.

David Weekley Homes remodels Casa de Esperanza's "Rocket Center"

HomeAid Houston joined more than 50 David Weekley Homes managers and team members who volunteered their time and expertise for a rebuild project for Casa de Esperanza on May 16 for Weekley's CARE Build Month initiative. Weekley's team renovated Casa de Esperanza de los Nino's "Rocket Center", originally built by David Weekley Homes 20 years ago. HomeAid provided new GE appliances to upgrade the center's kitchen. The overall project adds more functionality to the building and provides a warm and welcoming space for families visiting their children. LEARN MORE

HomeAid Houston's 10th Annual Project Playhouse Key Presentation

It was a beautiful night at MInute Maid Park, as the president of M/I Homes, Jay McManus, presented the key to The Pixel Playhouse to the 2016 winner, Kim Cooke. Kim has been a faithful purchaser of Project Playhouse tickets for a number of years and is thrilled to have finally won the Playhouse! LEARN MORE

Picture This

Seeing life through the eyes of the homeless

When you give homeless men and women a camera and ask them to capture their world, the results can be stunning. LEARN MORE

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